Mission: The Pawtuckaway Lake Improvement Association’s mission is to monitor and act upon environmental and safety issues that affect Pawtuckaway Lake, to educate the public on the conservation, protection, and improvement of  water quality, natural shoreline, wildlife habitat, recreational resources, safety, and natural resources as they pertain to the welfare and interest of Pawtuckaway Lake.  To that end, the PLIA collaborates with conservation commissions, planning boards, state and federal entities, land trusts and other conservation organizations working to conserve or protect natural resources that have an impact on the Lamprey River watershed that includes Pawtuckaway Lake.

Our Programs

Visitors to the State Park, swimmers at the Town Beach, fishermen, campers, vacationers, and residents alike appreciate the clean water of Pawtuckaway.  Here’s what we do to keep it that way:

  • Water Testing - The PLIA conducts a  regular volunteer-driven water sampling program to assist the NH Department of Environmental Services in evaluating the quality of public waterways.  The Volunteer Lake Assessment Program (VLAP) on Pawtuckaway operates through its Water Testing Committee five months a year.
  • Preventing Invasive Species - The Lake Host™ Program is a courtesy boat inspection and public education program to prevent the introduction and spread of exotic aquatic invasive species.  Administered by the NH Lakes Association, PLIA volunteers and trained personnel identify and remove foreign “hitchhikers” before they enter the waters of Pawtuckaway and proliferate.
  • Weed Watchers - Trained by biologists, this group has donated countless hours locating and eradicating invasive weeds on this public water body.  Volunteers who live or vacation or camp on the lake pitch in to keep biodiversity in balance on Pawtuckaway.
  • Welcome Booklet - The PLIA recently created a Welcome Booklet for anyone who enjoys the beauty and recreational opportunities that Pawtuckaway Lake offers, including through the State Park, public boat launch, or Town Beach.
  • Partnership Participation Agreement - The PLIA works collaboratively with NH DES to enhance the lake's water quality.  Through this Agreement, the collaboration continues year ‘round, with meetings and reports keeping everyone updated and informed.
Pawtuckaway Lake Improvement Association

PO Box 30
Raymond NH 03077
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Co-President: Donna Danis
Co-President: Tom Duffy 
Secretary: vacant
Treasurer: Tom Duffy
PawPrints Editor: Karen Batchelder
Website Editor: Karen Batchelder
Fisheries: Jon White
Water Quality: Steve Donahue  
Road Rep Coordinator.: Therese Thompson
Road Cleanup: Steve White
Lake Host Coordinator: Celeste Schmidt

To get involved with PLIA in one of these positions, or some other way, contact Donna Danis at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.