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Reflections On The Lake

"Bees have different jobs that are given to them at birth and they have that job throughout life. Some clean the cells out, some feed the brood, some feed the queen, some act as sentries at the hive opening, and most are foragers. The foragers go out into the fields to collect pollen and nectar. They all have a specific job, it is very well organized." 

Peter Lyle, beekeeper
Excerpt from 'Pawtuckaways Own Beekeeper' interview

2010 Boat Parade Photos Print E-mail
Written by Staff   
Thank you to all the participants in this year's boat parade, the decorations looked great. We couldn't have asked for better weather!. Bonus points go out to the guy/gal in the lobster suit. It was hot enough in just a swim suit. Enjoy the photos.
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PLIA Mission Statement

The Pawtuckaway Lake Improvement Association (PLIA) is a Private, Non-Profit Organization formed to monitor and act upon environmental and safety issues in the Pawtuckaway Lake Watershed area. The PLIA also provides education, information, recreation and other services to its members.

The Association routinely conducts water quality sampling under the New Hampshire Volunteer Lake Assessment program of the State of New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services. Other activities (sailboat races, fishing derbies, etc.) may be coordinated by the Association, but are funded by program participants.